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Lepidocrocite Quartz (Fusion)
Fusion of my Quartz and :icondeer-head:'s Ametrine.
Basic Info

Name: Lepidocrocite Quartz
Species: Gem (Fusion)
Gem Placements: Back of neck and naval
Gender: None,But They/Them pronouns 
Weapon: Gun Hands,The fingers are basically the gun part.The fingers can shoot the ammo,These fingers can also be switched to blades
Personality: Uh I really dunno,But I think they would be laidback and funny,But have their serious moments especially in battle.

Lepidocrocite takes after Ametrine more then they do Quartz.Hence the outfit.
Gem Gacha Sunset Aura Quartz
For :iconstarsapphiredream:
I hope you like this,With this Quartz I went for a warrior/knight look.Mainly as I already knew what to do for her weapon and gem placement.
Also,Her gem is in place of her left hand/
Onyx Point Adopts (4/6) OPEN
So I made some Onyx adopts,not just a black one.But colored ones! Each costs 20 points
1. Red Onyx - Open (Shoulder Gem)
2.Blue Onyx - Open (Cheek Gem)
3.Purple Onyx - Open (Neck Gem)
4. Orange Onyx - Open (Chest Gem)
5. Green Onyx - TAKEN (Lip Gem)
6. Yellow Onyx - TAKEN (Palm Gem)
White Sapphire
New Gemmie! So this little cutie is White Sapphire.A noble a certain gem used to guard.
Basic Info
Name: White Sapphire
Nickname(s): Sapphy
Age: around 300 years
Alliance: None at the moment,just wanders the galaxies essentially . Was formerly in White Diamond's court
Gem Location: Left Knee
Weapon: Ice
Biography: Originally from Homeworld,Sapphire was a valued gem of White Diamond's court,why? Because of her future vision,which is relatively strong.White Diamond assigned a guard to Sapphire,this guard? Onyx,the two gems became friends.Until the war,things spiraled downhill.Towards the end,Onyx was seperated from Sapphire.While Sapphire on the other hand was poofed,when she reformed..the war was over and she had been found by Titanium Flame Aura Quartz,The two now wander the galaxies,Hoping to find a court that will accept them.
Personality: Curious but cautious,Is not trusting of other gems..but she will warm up to gems,Serious at times,otherwise she's rather goofy.
Fusions: None,but is willing to fuse.
So this fusion consists of my Sunstone and my Moonstone.This Turquoise is a female,And has more influence from Moonstone.She has the cloak from Sun,and a hood that's not visble,and the long sleeves.The weapon is a scythe,Anyway here's her basic info.
Name: Turquoise
Nickname(s): Tur
Species: Fusion
Components: Moonstone and Sunstone
Gem Placements: Hands and right eye.
Personality: She is gentle and caring,she's got Sun's temper,She also is able to poof or rarely shatter gems.But she doesn't enjoy doing it.
Weapon: Scythe
Water and Fire manipulation
Can summon The daggers from Sunstone,And bow and arrow from Moonstone
Gem Gacha Pink Pearl
Pink Pearl for :icondarquesse12:
Result of Gem Gacha,A Pink Pearl! With a color reference and weapon.I'm letting the owner choose this pearl's alliance.
White Lace Agate - Fusion
So this lovely big grey baub is White Lace Agate.A fusion of my Onyx and my Quartz,It goes by Agate.And prefers he/his/him pronouns, 'cause Onyx doesn't really give a shit about the gender of the fusion and let Quartz choose.
Agate is a calm gem,his personality is essentially the same as Onyx's is,but is a little more laid back and has Quartz's humor.

Basic Info
Name: White Lace Agate
Nickname(s): Abomination (by HW gems),Agate
Species: Gem Fusion
Unfused Gems: Quartz and Onyx
Gender: None,but prefers he/his/him
Weapon: Bladed Gauntlets on a chain
Gems Locations: Abdomen (Quartz) Chest (Onyx)
Enhanced speed & strength
Ink manipulation
Light Manipulation
Moar gemmies! This is Sunstone,She's defective though.Hence having the rough gem cut and two gems.
Basic Info
Name: Sunstone

Nickname(s): Failure,Sun,Hothead

Age: around 700 years,is the oldest of the Crystal Gems.

Gem Location: Both hands

Weapon(s): Daggers

Biography:Created in a kindergarten,But something went wrong.Causing two sunstone gems to meld together,this created Sunstone.And caused her to have two gems,she was considered defective.But Yellow Diamond saw something in her.So she was trained to be an assasin.She was sent to Earth when the war began,And was known for poofing or even shattering Gems.On an assignment,she was sent to go shatter a gem,but the gem fought back and poofed Sunstone,whom was found by Moonstone who had been assumed dead.

Personality: Sunstone is essentially the same as Quartz,but with a worse temper ans fire manipulation powers.

-Enhanced speed and strength.
Due to being a "fusion" she is as strong and fast as a Quartz.
Fire Manipulation
She Turquoi
fire,or summon it from her gems.

Mexican Fire Opal (Onyx)
All of my Gems are open for fusions,just ask.
Gem Color Ref Sheet
Color ref sheet for the current Gems
Both for my usage,and your usage if you want to draw one of my gems.
Gem - Moonstone
More Gems! Yay,this blue beauty is Moonstone.

Name: Moonstone

Nickname(s): Moon,Moony

Age: around 600,makes her one of the older gems.

Gem Location: Right Eye

Alliance(s): Formerly Blue Diamond,Now Crystal Gem.

Rank: Healer,hence her having all those markings.

Biography: Moonstone was created on Homeworld,she was a healer who served under Blue Diamond.So when the war started,Healer gems like her were sent to Earth.Towards the end of the war,the camp Moonstone was assigned to was attacked.She ran off and was thought to have been shattered.

Personality: She is mature,very mother-like.She's not very good at fighting,and is weak.

Weapon: Bow and arrow

-Water Bending

-Turquoises (Sunstone)
Somewhat stable,Is really only used in dire situations

She is open for fusions!
Gem Gacha
Glittering Gem Bullet (Gray) - F2U Gray tier: 20: pointsGlittering Gem Bullet (Gray) - F2U 
You choose the gem.

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Blue tier: 30: points Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 
You choose the gem, the gem placement, the gender, and the alliance.

Chaos Emerald Yellow Yellow tier: 50: pointsChaos Emerald Yellow 
You choose the gem, the theme, gem placement, gender, weapon, and the alliance.:

Pink Diamond (Bullet ver.) Pink Tier: 75 pointsPink Diamond (Bullet ver.) 
You choose everything.
Gem - Quartz
Another Gem,this time a simple Quartz.

Name: Quartz

Nickname(s): Idiot (Onyx calls him this constantly)

Age: around 500 years old,he's kinda young.

Age: Genderless but prefers he/his pronouns.

Gem Location: Abdomen

Biography: Quartz was born on Homeworld,He was trained to be a warrior.And that he was,he fought in the war.But was poofed,His gem was found by Onyx.Soon after he reformed,looking like he does now.He and Onyx are Crystal Gems along with a few others.

Personality: Quartz is a crazy and hyper gem,he likes to make awful puns and jokes and dab.He often gets in trouble with the others,he is a big music fan,he listens to metal music.

Weapon: Gauntlets with blades attached.

Enchanced Strength
He's a Quartz,so yea he's a strong motherfucker
Light Manipulation
Can bend light,or reflect it off his gem.Blinds and stuns.opponents

White Lace Agate (Onyx)
Relatively stable fusion,as their personalities balance each other out.
Gem - Onyx
So,as stated in my status update I'm uploading new Gems,etc.
Anyway this lovely here is Onyx,who reminds me of Chrysalis.Her info is below

Name: Onyx

Gender: Genderless,prefers She/Her

Age: Unknown,But is young still.

Alliance(s): Formerly White Diamond,Now is Crystal Gem.

Rank: Was a guard of sorts for nobles

Biography: Onyx was created on Homeworld,She served under White Diamond.Her job? Simple,protect whoever she was assigned to.So when the rebellion began,her master went to Earth.Onyx followed,things went well..until she became separated from her master.She was assumed to be dead,she was left on Earth.She depised it at first,But has grown to Earth customs.

Weapon: Metal bladed fan,sharp edges.

Personality: Cold,Calm,very quiet,takes a lot to anger her.Is kinda the leader,Mainly as she makes good of the time.

Ink Bending- Can manipulate ink,this ink temporary blinds her opponent.

White Lace Agate (Quartz)
-White Lace Agate is a common fusion in battle,and is relatively stable.With Onyx balancing Quartz's craziness.Onyx controls this,if Quartz did...bad idea.
Onyx is open for fusions with other gems!
One can see the truth,but cannot speak of it
The other is blind to the truth,But speaks it.
Okay,I have two questions for my watchers.
Should I make a group for my Elemental Ponies ((This is hinting at new Pony Species from me!_

Should I make a adopt account?

Comment either Yes or No
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Adopts,Ideas from my niece
These are adoptables I've made.Now they're only 1 point each,Comissons are 10 point each as they're hand drawn 


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